June 2015: Provek Tasters on The PM Channel

Provek now offers a selection of short topic based classroom courses in different aspects of project management. We now have taster clips on each course available on The PM Channel.

Business Case

This course is designed to introduce delegates to the subject of the project business case. A vital part of the management decision process as to where to invest an organisations resources and finances, will involve an assessment of the viability and justification or a project or initiative through consideration of the associated benefits, costs, risks and opportunities amongst other factors.  


Requirements Management

Identifying and agreeing clear, unambiguous requirements provides a foundation for the successful delivery of a project. Many projects fail to do this effectively and do not gain agreement of the project’s requirements with key stakeholders. This can lead to increased change requests, unnecessary rework, a frustrated project team and importantly dissatisfied stakeholders at the end of the project when some may feel their expectations have not been met. This course covers the end to end process of requirements management from early identification and agreement of requirements through to sign-off and acceptance against requirements at the end of the project.


Commercial Skills

 This course is targeted specifically for project managers. Projects are usually commercial ventures and involve the use of contracts. Project Managers need to appreciate the commercial aspects of the project and how they should be managed – even where there is a specialist commercial team supporting the project. This workshop focuses on developing the knowledge of project managers regarding all common commercial aspects to a project that they may be exposed to now or in the future.

Planning and Estimating

This 1-day event is designed to develop the skills that will help you create realistic project plans and estimates that are fundamental for project success. The event covers all the essentials of converting the project objectives into workable plans supported by robust estimates. During the day you will look at a wide range of tools and techniques and have the opportunity to apply them to a ‘real’ life project scenario.

Risk Management

This taster is for a one-day course designed to introduce delegates to the subject of risk management. Risk management is a critical control function within any project or programme. With the need to ensure that projects are brought under the organisation’s overall governance requirements, there is an increasing focus on the need to manage risks in a structured way. This course provides an overview of the risk management process in a project environment and looks at the various tools and techniques that are needed to implement such a process. The course is aligned with both the Association for Project Management’s (APM) Project Risk Analysis and Management Guide (PRAM) and the PRINCE2 methodology.

Earned Value Management

EVM is a proven method for planning and managing project performance. It is a true project performance measurement system combining aspects such as actual physical achievement and costs incurred, and comparing with planned and budgeted expectation. This 1-day workshop will go through the process using an industry based scenario that will allow delegates to apply the learning via a series of exercises.

Monitoring, Reporting and Controlling

This course is designed to introduce delegates to the subject of project monitoring, reporting and controlling. This 1-day event will provide a proven set of methods, processes, tools and techniques that will ensure that a project’s progress is continuously monitored and reported throughout its life. It will also identify the necessary controls required to ensure that the team establishes and maintains control of the project, taking appropriate actions as the situation demands. This will include the roles and responsibilities of the project sponsor, project manager and the team.

Closing Project and Lessons Learned

This course is designed to introduce delegates to the subject of closing a project and learning lessons. Many organisations insist on completing a lessons learned exercise at project completion. However, it seems that despite the effort involved in such an exercise, the lessons are at best identified, but rarely learned and applied back in the work place.

Soft Skills for Project Managers

This course is designed to introduce delegates to the subject of soft skills. Many project managers today have acquired knowledge and competence in the technical ‘hard’ skills of project management such as risk management, planning, change control, estimating and scheduling. However, the ‘soft skills’ required of a modern successful project manager are often under-estimated and under developed.  Yet for successful project delivery, it is essential that a project manager is equipped also with ‘soft skills’ capabilities as well as the technical skills. This course covers the key soft skill areas required for managing projects such as stakeholder and communication management, conflict management, negotiation, team work and leadership in a project environment. It is highly interactive in style and aimed at providing delegates with practical skills and tips to deploy back in the work place on real projects.

Provek Classroom Tasters on The PM Channel

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