Top 12 careers that would benefit from project management training

career benefit from project management training

Have you wondered how a project management training course would help you in your role? Or perhaps you've found yourself in a role managing or supporting a project (or several) and feel a little overwhelmed. We often find our clients are in this position, managing or supporting projects without any project management training. Here is a list of the top 12 job descriptions where project management training would transform an employee's skills.

In this list, we purposely left out the obvious roles, such as ‘Project Manager’ or ‘Project Administrator’. We focused instead on roles that wouldn’t typically require a project management course or additional training, but would benefit from the knowledge and experience. 

Administration Assistant

An administration assistant works with and under one or more managers by providing clerical support. This gives the managers and the team more time to complete tasks as part of the bigger picture. An administration assistant may also have more responsibilities such as creating reports or presentations for the managers to use in meetings. Just like a personal assistant, answering phone calls, emails, making reservations and travel arrangements may also be part of their duties. Knowledge of terminology, processes, roles and overall good practice, would benefit someone in this role.

Marketing Coordinator

The marketing department in an organisation comprises  several key specialities. With many print and digital advertising campaigns that could all be ongoing at the same time, a structured project management system is helpful with monitoring and controlling deliverables. Therefore a marketing coordinator could be responsible for updating the system and ensuring that all the tasks are dedicated to the right person, ensuring all the marketing campaigns are implemented and reported upon. 

Customer Service Manager

If your company has the opportunity to employ a range of customer service agents, then providing a customer service manager with project management training would be advantageous. On top of epitomising leadership through project management, a customer service manager can guide the team and ensure that all clients and customers are taken care of in a timely manner through a project management system. 


Catering & Events Manager

You wouldn’t always assume that the hospitality industry would need poeple with project management knowledge or experience. However, events coordinators such as conference or wedding planners, catering managers or venue operators would benefit from the methodologies used in project management courses. From the conception of an event to the final show, following the good practice and methodologies set out in Association for Project Management, Agile or Prince2 project management training would provide the structure for the team to follow and deliver memorable experiences. 

Account Manager

An account manager’s responsibility is to ensure that clients’ needs are being met. An account manager can work across several industries with skills that transfer well. When an account manager needs to ensure a client’s deliverables are ready, they would benefit from understanding the project management methodology in place. They also benefit from tracking all the clients using a project management system. 

Financial Planning Analyst

This role in an establishment is responsible for the financials of the company. They work to analyse the organisation’s performance investments, their bonds, commodities and stocks to offer plans and guidance to improve its financial performance. Using the processes in project management would give guidance on how to implement the suggested plans to improve financial efficiency. 

Engineering Manager

Another role that spans quite a number of industries, from food manufacturing to the car industry. This role oversees the engineering team to ensure all tasks are completed. This role benefits from the project manager strengths one would gain from project management training. Using project management methodologies to implement a work system that leads the team to timely task completions.

Construction Manager

In a very simple way, the construction of a building is a project. The development of a cluster of houses or commercial buildings could be seen as a program. Therefore, the manager who oversees the construction of such buildings would benefit from the project manager technical skills he would learn in a project management course. The would lead the entire construction team and ensure the completion of construction is done on time and within budget.

IT Manager

IT (Information Technology) spans a range of digital disciplines. As an IT manager, the role’s responsibilities could vary greatly depending on the industry. When we look at the skills a project manager can have, IT managers are adept in ensuring that organisation is keep throughout the working day. From assisting in setting up a new employee with their IT equipment, to the off boarding of an employee which includes the return of IT equipment, project management comes in very useful to streamline the process.

Business Analyst

The responsibilities of a business analyst include the ability to think critically about the existing business and its history, goals and objectives, and how to grow in the future. Having the technical skills of a project manager would be advantageous when it comes to suggesting a strategy to improve the business. Understanding the flow methodologies that are AgilePM or Prince2 would improve the step-by-step process of improvements needed and suggested by a business analyst.

Database Administrator

The role of a database administrator is to manage database through multiple product lifecycle environments. They are also responsible for configuring and maintaining databases. The skillset necessary for an outstanding database administrator is almost exactly what you need to be a professional project manager, upskilling with project management training would be beneficial.

Human Resource Manager

When a company needs to hire new talent they need a process to follow. Essentially, hiring a person to fill a position is a project with steps and methodologies to follow. In the same instance, where there are employee disciplinaries, or monthly one-on-ones with existing employees, there is a process to follow. This is where project management training would come in handy, setting and focusing processes according to methodologies which end in positive results. A good human resource manager should also be a great leader and project management training can assist in improving leadership skills.

A trending keyword through out the list is that almost all managerial positions will benefit from a project management course. This is because when a manager is appointed to oversee a team of people they are placed in a position of leadership. Considering the skills a project manager can have, we see that leadership is one of the key traits of outstanding professional project managers. This is to guide and lead a team to success.

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