Agile Vs PRINCE2® – Methodology Comparison


Comparing the benefits that each of these methodologies offer


Agile and PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments) are two different project management approaches, each with its own set of benefits and advantages.

The choice between Agile and PRINCE2® depends on the specific needs and characteristics of a project.  While Agile is known for its flexibility and adaptability, PRINCE2® offers a more structured and controlled approach.

High level comparison of benefits/advantages


  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Customer centric
  • Prioritises customer collaboration and delivering value to customers early and frequently
  • Promotes iterative and incremental development
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Identifies and addresses risks earlier
  • Encourages close collaboration
  • Greater transparency and visibility into project progress and issues
  • Promotes a culture of continuous improvement


  • Well-defined and structured framework
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Emphasises comprehensive project documentation
  • Robust governance and control mechanisms
  • Prevents scope creep and maintains a clearer business focus
  • Systematic approach to risk management
  • Scalable and adaptable to various project sizes
  • Facilitates effective communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Excellent traceability
  • Phased approach with well-defined stages

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It is important to note that the choice between Agile and PRINCE2® should be based on the specific needs and characteristics of the project.

  • PRINCE2® is generally more suitable for projects with well-defined requirements, strict governance requirements, and a focus on documentation and control.
  • Agile is better suited for projects where requirements are expected to change, and rapid, iterative delivery is essential.
  • Organisations may also choose to blend elements of both methodologies to meet their unique project management needs.

Agile and PRINCE2® - how Provek can support you

Download the full article here.

Provek is project management training and consultancy specialist. With over 28 years of experience of supporting leading organisations, we offer a range of services to improve consistency, drive efficiencies and overall, improve your project management outcomes.

Provek is an accredited PRINCE2® and Agile training organisation and can support your staff in achieving professional qualifications.

We offer a breadth of other project management services, that include:

  • Consultancy to support the implementation of a PMO; review and/or develop and introduce processes and methodologies; introduce a competency framework to support career pathways.
  • Organisation maturity assessment to gain a deeper understanding of your project management environment and where it can be improved.
  • Skills assessments of staff to understand your talent pool, development gaps and training needs that can inform a training strategy.
  • An extensive range of topic-based, qualification-based training and bespoke training programmes that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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