What is APM Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) and how will it benefit your career?

What is APM Chartered Project Professional

Have you ever wondered what the next step is? How about upping your Project Management accreditation to chartered level? You’ll then gain external recognition of your proven capabilities as a project management specialist. The process to become chartered is achieved through completing a detailed written submission and interview. Recently we added a Case Study to our website where Provek provided our specialist coaching and mentoring to support Richard Money in achieving this benchmark of professional practice.

What is a Chartered Project Manager (ChPP)?

This career position is the epitome of project management professionalism. This accreditation assesses your knowledge of project management techniques and skills at the highest level.

With a ChPP you are able to demonstrate responsible leadership and the skills necessary for effective project, programme or portfolio management. You’ll need to demonstrate your ability to manage a complex project and use the tools, processes and techniques. 

How do you achieve ChPP accreditation? 

There are three routes you can follow, this depends on whether you hold recognised assessments for technical knowledge and professional practice, or if you simply meet the eligibility criteria (even without formal assessments). 

To achieve ChPP accreditation you will be assessed on the following:

  1. Technical knowledge: You will need to prove advanced technical knowledge and understanding of how to deliver projects, programmes and portfolios. 
  2. Professional practice: You will need to demonstrate application of your knowledge that involved uncertainty or conflicting objectives; unpredictability or risk; multiple work packages, projects, or programmes; with multiple independent stakeholders. 
  3. Ethics and continuing Career Progression: your choice to commit to professional ethics and show your continued professional development. 
  4. You’ll need two proposers

How long does the ChPP assessment take? 

It takes approximately 25 to 35 hours of effort to achieve ChPP in 4 to 6 months for a driven individual who is able to apply themselves and put in the effort. Are you able to put in the time and energy to progress your career to the next level

Once you have achieved ChPP recognition, you can choose to be added to a list of registered Chartered Professionals. The APM (Association of Project Management) holds a register of ChPPs on their website.

The 10 benefits to ChPP

There are many benefits to achieving the chartered standard as recognition of your professional project management skills. We are all driven for success and this is no less true when it comes to progressing your career. 

  1. A framework for the development of your career.
  2. Job satisfaction (you can use the post nominal ChPP)
  3. Peer recognition of your expertise
  4. Client satisfaction (assurance of high standards and ethical practice)
  5. Increased salary opportunities 
  6. More job opportunities with an enhanced CV
  7. Developed leadership skills
  8. International recognition with a globally recognised accreditation
  9. As an employer, you can improve your employee’s talents and skills
  10. As the employer who invests in their employee, your team benefits from a leader with ChPP. 


How does training for ChPP work? 

Once you have the required knowledge and experience as a project manager to meet the eligibility criteria, you may wish to seek external support from a specialist training provider when applying for ChPP through the APM. 

As a partner of APM, we work with organisations and individuals who require guidance and support to achieve the chartered standard accreditation. First thing is to assess your readiness for the assessment using a proprietary tool we have developed called Provek’s ChPP readiness checker.

The readiness checker is based on the ChPP application guidance and APM Competency Framework. We created this checker to assist project manager professionals in their efforts to progress their career. We’ve drawn upon our experience of deploying the framework in a number of other applications.

Once you have completed the ‘project sheet’ and at least 10 of the 11 ‘competence sheets’ you will then be provided with a summary report. Within this report, you will receive an assessment of whether you meet the ChPP standard. It assesses each competence based on your knowledge and experience while taking into account the complexity of your projects. 

After the readiness checker assessment, Provek offers specialist support with one of our experienced consultants. They will coach and mentor you through your written submission and interview, including taking you through a mock interview and providing psychological preparation. Additional guidance is also provided through our online video training platform, PM Channel. Our Provek consultant for ChPP is a current ChPP APM assessor. 

Read more about our training for ChPP here

What is the next step after achieving ChPP?

Richard Money chose Provek to assist him through the ChPP process, providing invaluable coaching and mentoring through his Chartered assessment. You can read his story here. Essentially, Richard was ready for the next step. Having been in the project management profession for over 30 years the time had come for a new chapter.

Richard said that receiving ChPP accreditation is the pinnacle of his career. This opens many doors for a ChPP, from international recognition to job satisfaction. A ChPP is quickly becoming the gold standard for project management professionals across industries in the UK. 

In addition, we have had the privilege to work with the BBC to provide specialist support in enabling their senior staff in gaining chartered accreditation. Over 30 staff expressed an interest in the scheme. We used our Readiness Assessment Checker to select candidates from the team. Nineteen candidates were accepted onto the scheme under the APM’s Route 3, applicable to those who did not have a professional qualification but met the experience eligibility criteria. You can read the BBC Case Study here

The next step is up to you. Rise higher or revel in the height you have been able to achieve with a ChPP accreditation. From apprenticeship to ongoing career development, Provek is proud to be a part of your journey, wherever it may be at the moment.

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