The Benefits of Bespoke Project Management Training: Theory and Applied Learning

Bespoke Project Management Training

Project management as a skill is vitally important for the success of businesses, especially those who wish to scale or improve their processes.

When faced with many project management courses from a Google search, you can be left wondering how to choose the right one. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of project management training available and the pros and cons of a bespoke package. 

As an organisation looking to invest in your employees’ potential and offer training to upskill and develop, your choice of which training is relevant is important. Investing in a project management course for your staff not only invests in your business, but you’re also investing in your team and giving them an opportunity. It’s important to consider your options. 

There are numerous institutions that offer some sort of project management training, project management courses, or project management qualifications. However, when you’re looking for a course that will give your employees the absolute best knowledge and tools for the quick implementation for the success of your business, consulting with an industry specialist to guide you can be an insightful option. 

What types of Project Management Course Lessons are there?

Online Learning

This type of lesson delivery is the least expensive. Online learning is when the learner receives modules, lessons (written and video), and perhaps an examination of some type. The learner can learn at their own pace at their own time, but heavily relies on the employee’s self-motivation and time management to complete the course. 

Virtual Learning

This type of learning has grown significantly in demand since the covid outbreak. This type of learning demands the learner to attend training sessions on a video-hosting platform. They also receive the theoretical resources to benefit from virtual learning. Virtual learning is tutor-led, more interactive with exercises to apply the knowledge, likely to involve interaction with other course delegates and offers the learner the opportunity to ask questions in real time. 

In Classroom Training

In Classroom Training is growing in popularity again as we learn to live with covid. Many individuals and organisations still favour this method of learning due to face-to-face interaction and being in a classroom environment away from distractions. This training clearly requires the candidate to travel to a location (whether their office or a remote classroom), however they are heavily interactive sessions and often develop camaraderie as the whole class works together, share and bounce ideas off each other, and from interacting during breaks.  

How to Maximise Project Management Learning: Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Application

As with so many academic learning experiences, we are often faced with learning theoretical knowledge without gaining practical experience. When you’re an organisation investing in developing and upskilling your employees, it is worthwhile considering how the theory learned during training can practically translate effectively and timeously and be applied.

The challenge of many project management training programs available is the lack of practical experience offered. Those programs rely on the learner going out into the field and applying their learned theoretical knowledge themselves. Practical experience can take some time; when your company needs skill development a little quicker, then perhaps a bespoke training program that incorporates both theory and practical is the better and more relevant option.

What is Bespoke Project Management Training?

Bespoke project management training is a course that a professional training provider can offer a client that is carefully considered and tailored to suit the client’s needs. A custom project management course enables organisations access to the training they need, at a time that suits them and in a format that’s adapted to offer a learning experience that prioritises the business’s goals. 

For example, existing project management courses can be tailored, including reference to your own methodologies, processes and systems, exercises can be based on real case studies relevant to your organisation, or an entirely new project management course can be created to reflect an organisation’s approach to project management.

As well as benefiting from bespoke course content, a bespoke training course can also be delivered in a variety of ways. Training can be delivered virtually, in-house or a combination of both. Courses may involve homework/exercises, requiring attendees to apply their new knowledge in the workplace on live projects. This can involve further follow-up at subsequent training sessions where they present and reflect to the group on how this helped them be more effective. This significantly helps to reinforce and embed the learning achieved. 

When developing bespoke project management courses, Provek works closely with organisations in a consultative role to identify their needs and understand their objectives. From there, we outline the course requirements and objectives before agreeing to the course training agenda, content and potential assessment of knowledge and experience gained. 

While bespoke courses can focus on specialist topics or comprehensive project management training, there are a variety of outcomes. You may want delegates to undertake in-house assessments, or you may decide to give delegates the opportunity of continuing their development and achieving a formal qualification, such as APM PFQ or PMQ, AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner or MSP® Foundation and Practitioner.

Benefits of a Bespoke Project Management Training Program?

Although it is not a click-and-order type of project management training, a bespoke training program offers a wide range of benefits: 

  1. Financial growth through employee satisfaction, better processes, and better employee and company performance
  2. Upskill employees in a way that benefits your company
  3. Improve internal processes which allow your company to offer more products and services
  4. Employee satisfaction through career development
  5. Reduce employee stress by introducing clear processes
  6. Financial savings due to a bespoke program that focuses on exactly what you need rather than several courses that cover a range of knowledge, some of which is not necessary for your company’s processes
  7. Save time through actual training time tailored to your needs and through the delegates learning how to implement their practical skills quickly

Bespoke Project Management Training – Provek case study

Provek recently developed a bespoke programme for our client, GKN Aerospace, involving four one-day training workshops specific to their requirements: Setting up a project for success; Planning for success; Executing a project; Soft skills. specific to their requirements. Morning sessions focused on theory and the afternoon session focused on applied learning. Each candidate completed an assessment before and after training to measure the positive impact. You can read the full case study here.

To discuss a tailored training programme for your organisation 

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