October 2016: New change management assessment launched

Provek has created and launched a change management assessment (CMA) tool that provides a rigorous online assessment of the skills of those working in change related roles. 

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The structure of the assessment and report follows that of Provek's PMA6 online assessment for project management which has been deployed to over 10,000 project staff. The change management assessment (CMA) has been developed with Melanie Franklin of Agile Change Management and is being piloted with 40 change managers in a major corporate organisation.

As in PMA6, the new change management assessment has five sections of questions which take approximately 30 minutes to complete:

  • Your details
  • Your competence based experience
  • Your knowledge
  • Your situational decision making ability
  • Your personality

A competence framework was created for the experience section drawn from the Change Management Practitioner Competencies of the Change Management Institute.  Fifteen competences at six levels have been developed.

If you are interested in taking the assessment and helping to build the industry benchmarks, please click the red button.

Each participant receives a four page report as shown in the thumbnail images below.

Commenting on the development, Dr. Andrew Delo, Provek managing director said "I think that the combination of Provek's proven online assessment expertise and infrastructure and Melanie's in-depth knowledge of change management is a winning combination."

Take the CMA now!

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