July 2016: APM partners with Provek for assessment tool

The Association for Project Management (APM) and Provek's The PMA Centre have signed a partnership agreement to provide an online APM Role Profiler Tool.

Provek's expertise in online assessment of project management has been used to create a bespoke online assessment for the APM.  Based on 17 selected competences from the APM Competence Framework (2nd edition), this online self assessment tool provides participant with an analysis against their chosen project role.

Each participant receives a personalised one-page report that shows them visually how they compare to their chosen project role.  Based on their overall level of competence and existing qualifications, a recommendation for their next step in terms of APM qualifications is also given.

Dr Andrew Delo, managing director of Provek, said "we are pleased that the APM recognised our experience of assessing 3,000 project managers a year using our online tools and we are confident that the APM Role Profiler will become another trusted and useful too to the project management profession."

Further information

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