July 2014: Provek's competence framework aligns to APM's

A highly accessible framework with industry benchmarks against eleven project roles and aligned with the refreshed APM Competence Framework.

Provek’s programme and project management competence framework is simple, comprehensive and has been competed by 1000’s of project professionals since it was first launched a few years ago.

With the APM Competence Framework undergoing a major refresh in 2014 which brings it very much in line with Provek's own competence framework, it was appropriate to slightly update one or two aspects.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Aligned with the refreshed APM Competence Framework
  • More structured and perceptive training needs analysis
  • Rigorous and efficient selection of candidates
  • Target individual and collective benchmarked weaknesses

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Competence trends in project professionals

What competencies are needed at different levels for project professionals? Dr Andrew Delo, managing director, Provek, has found some interesting answers based on their assessments of some 1500 managers.  Download article now ...