February 2016: Royal Mail Group repeats blended APMP

Royal mail Group (RMG) required a repeat of their successful out of classroom APMP supported learning solution for another cohort of 12 of their project professionals dispersed across the UK.

Provek has designed a tailored remote learning solution which comprises:

  • Webinar pre-briefing to set expectations with candidates of the APMP challenge and how the supported programme would work
  • Anytime access to APMP video based modular units on the award winning The PM Channel accessed via the internet
  • The Provek APMP Book providing a comprehensive coverage of the APMP syllabus and over 100 exam style questions and answers
  • Marking of an exam style practice questions to build candidate confidence
  • Completion and individual 1-1 feedback from a full 3 hour mock exam to confirm exam readiness
  • Anytime access to a Provek APMP expert by email or telephone throughout the 5 month programme.

Further information

Click here to request a call back, email back or further specific information or contact Erica Gassor on 01635 524610.

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