December 2016: New 360 feedback assessments

Working with John Lewis and the project team for their new Portfolio & Change function, two new 360 feedback assessments have been created for project management and change management by Provek. 

Each 360 assessment enables an individual to gain feedback from other reviewers or 'raters'. John Lewis will be piloting these assessment tools early in 2017 with a view to rolling them out to their change delivery community (in the region of 150 Partners) by next Summer.


360-Rater is an online assessment of an individual’s experience that is completed by up to four people (called raters) who know the individual’s project management performance – typically a line manager, a head of profession, colleagues or senior managers.

360-Rater takes 20 minutes for a rater to complete.  For each of the 16 competence areas, e.g. business case, leadership, risk management etc., the rater is asked three questions:

1) rating of the individual’s competence level on a scale of 0 to 5 
2) free text comments about the individual’s competence
3) priority for development of the competence area (low, medium, high)

On completion, the rater  and individual are sent a short confirmation email.


The eight page report gives integrated data from the individual and up to four raters for each competence.  An example of an extract from a 360 report for the competence area of business case is shown below for three raters of a particular individual (referred to as ‘Self’).

For further information

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