September 2016: APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (IC) Podcasts

Provek have now developed a set of APM Project Fundaments Qualification (Introductory Certificate) podcasts to cover all the APM learning outcomes within the syllabus so that you now have an efficient, portable and convenient way to study.

You can view these Podcasts on SoundCloud oriTunes for FREE!

We also have these podcasts available through our online video platform The PM Channel.

Our podcasts last approximately 5 minutes making them easy to listen to on the go to help obtain the vital information you need to either pass your examination or build on your existing knowledge.



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APM PFQ explained

APM Introductory Certificate

APM Project Fundamentals Book

All delegates on Provek's APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (Introductory Certificate) receive a copy of our new Fundamentals Book.

Free APM PFQ (IC) Podcasts

Would you like to improve your current knowledge of the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (Introductory Certificate) or assist your studies before your exam? View our free APM PFQ (IC) Podcasts on Soundcloud.  Also available on iTunes.



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