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Recruiting the right programme and project professionals into large organisations takes considerable time and effort and the outcome will have a significant effect on the delivery success of your organisations portfolio of programmes and projects.

Are you losing good candidates?

With the subtleties of different types of programmes and project role and a number of potential candidates from different sources to sift, the challenge co-ordinating every ones time to ensure only the best people are can be considerable.  

Our clients tell us they often receive many excellent candidates from a variety of sources, but with no objective way of sifting each application or benchmarking the quality of individual CVs, they often lose out on good candidates before they are able to get all the various people required to review these CVs.

Specifically to support your busy HR team and your organisation’s subject matter experts in this sifting process, Provek has developed a unique solution comprised of the UK’s leading assessment products, to sift all candidates using a consistent and thorough assessment program already used by many of the leading organisations in the country.

  • Deployment of Provek’s leading online assessment tool PMA5 to your candidates
  • Deployment of Provek’s unique scored CV to your candidates 
  • Optional telephone interview of screened candidates by a senior Provek consultant                                                                        
  • Optional face to face interviewing support by a senior Provek consultant or director

At the end of the process, Provek will provide your organisation with a concise online summary report of all candidates, which the HR teams or hiring managers can then use in selecting only the very best candidates to call to interview.   

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How we profile project professionals

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