Organisational assessment

Provek has a proven approach for benchmarking organisations against the leading cross-sector best-practice project management standard in the UK, and identifying specific gaps to be addressed.

How is the assessment done?

Provek assesses both the current approach and ways of working (the ‘as is’) within the organisation and the newly designed target approach (the ‘to be’) against APM best-practice project management according to both APM Body of Knowledge and APM Competence Framework.

A rating of 1(absent/none) to 10 (world class) was used. The current ‘as-is’ and target ‘to-be’  way of working was assessed against 10 APM core components of best-practice project management, which comprised evidencing and rating against 107 questions.

What should the target (‘to be’) rating be?

For most organisations seeking sustainable and repeatable success in end to end project delivery, the aim is to achieve a score of at least 7 across all ten APM core components. This is deemed “operational effectiveness”.

Provek will take a view of two factors in setting the ‘to be’ rating which is set at individual question level for each of the 107 questions:

  • the importance of addressing the question to the organisation
  • how far we believe we could get the organisation

How are the results summarised?

A typical top level summary for management is shown below.

Further information

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