Alastair Phillips – Level 4 Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship

Associate Project Manager apprenticeship

Alastair Phillips is an Associate Director within Change Management (CPS) at Fidelity International. Alastair enrolled on Provek's Level 4 Associate Project Manager apprenticeship to develop his knowledge and skills in managing projects and achieve a qualification.

Why did you choose the Level 4 Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship?

I recognised the value of equipping myself with formal project management skills and understanding what creates good governance within an organisation. The depth and structure of this program were well-suited to my aspirations as an associate director for change management at Fidelity International.

What did you enjoy most about the programme?

The practical application of the theories we learned. Being able to connect classroom knowledge with real-world challenges made the learning experience truly enriching.

Also, our programme trainer Sandy was great and supported us every step of the way. She had a huge amount of experience herself so being able to talk through best practices really brought stuff to life.

How has the programme supported you in your role and career progression?

The programme has been instrumental in refining my project management skills, allowing me to approach complex challenges with a structured and methodical mindset. This not only boosted my confidence in my current role as an associate director but also opened up new avenues for career progression within Fidelity.

What challenges have you faced during the Apprenticeship? How have you overcome these?

Balancing the demands of my job with the rigours of the apprenticeship. However, I overcame this by setting clear priorities, leaning on my support network, and constantly reminding myself of the long-term benefits the program would bring to my career.

What advice would you give to anyone considering enrolling on to the programme?

I would say the apprenticeship programme doesn’t solely need to be done by someone wanting to explore a career in project management.

Obviously, that is the focus but what you learn on the course is everyday good business practices. For example, how to keep stakeholders on side, how to manage risk effectively, how to balance leadership styles with different team dynamics.

There is a fairly large time commitment to complete the course, but the effort put in, is worth the reward at the end.


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Alastair Phillips, Associate Director - Change Management (CPS), Fidelity International

“The programme has been instrumental in refining my project management skills, allowing me to approach complex challenges with a structured and methodical mindset.”

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