Sopra Steria - Assessing project managers for PM Practice

Provek’s unique project management assessment capabilities were used to provide a robust internationally benchmarked rating of 200 project managers.

The Challenge

Sopra Steria identified the need to further strengthen its project management, especially  in the areas of financial and business aspects of project management.  This involved the development of process, systems and its people.  In terms of people, it was considered important to develop an cohesive community of practicing project managers and to place them on projects that matched their levels of knowledge, experience and skills.  Sopra Steria also decided to seek Corporate Accreditation with the Association for Project Management (APM), which is the industry standard for professional project management training and development.

The Solution

The focal point for strengthening the project management community within the company was the creation of the Project Management Practice (PMP) with an emphasis on both assessment and development.

Entry to the  PMP was designed as  a staged process involving meeting pre-entry conditions regarding role and past performance, followed by  multi-assessments of project management knowledge, experience and skills.

Steria worked with Provek to deploy two online assessments: PMA5 and Scored CV which were used to rate project managers on the International Project Management Association’s (IPMA)  scale of A (project director) to D (project management associate).  This was followed by a bespoke one day Assessment and Development Centre (ADC) based around face valid project scenarios for Steria’s business environment.  Eleven of the APM Competences were assessed during the day by written and group exercises.

Each candidate received a personal five-page report from the PMA5 and a two-page report on their ADC day as well as an overall rating on the IPMA scale of A to D.   

The Benefits

In creating the PMP, Sopra Steria has formed a community of professional project managers who’s project management knowledge, experience and skills are determined.  The overall rating of each member of the PMP is used in matching people to projects and in managing their career opportunities.  In addition, the assessments provided each individual with a stimulus to pursue targeted learning and development.

Sopra Steria’s PMP achieved external recognition with the award of APM Corporate Accreditation following a thorough assessment across five dimensions of professionalism.

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