NATS - Bespoke 3-day workshop desgined and delivered for project planners

One aspect of Provek’s work with NATS has been a bespoke three-day development workshop that was scoped, designed and delivered to small groups of planners

The Challenge

The Corporate Technology Centre for NATS delivers mission and safety critical developments to the national air traffic control infrastructure. Embedding of the role of the planner meant that certain skills needed to be developed across the planning community.

The Solution

The training needs analysis was undertaken by deploying a tailored version of Provek’s PMA5 online project management assessment to the planning community as well as through workshops with the PMO managers of the planners. Results from the PMA5 identified strengths and weaknesses in technical project management competences as well as insights into their behaviours. The workshop with the PMO managers was used to validate the findings from the online assessment, to identify the key themes for improvement, and to clarify existing planning policy and principles.

A three-day workshop was designed for cohorts of six planners that addressed technical and behaviour learning objectives and included a NATS relevant project scenario.

The Benefits

All stakeholders were highly satisfied with the solution. Gaining consensus of what a good planner was expected to do, technically and behaviourally, was a key output of the workshop and formed the learning objectives. Sara Payne, a NATS People Capability & Resourcing Manager, commented "This approach has provided a very effective means of perceptively identifying our project management community’s training needs and the workshop has delivered the training in a constructive and positive environment.  We are already seeing some of the benefits and as the learning embeds we anticipate further strengthening of the team".