Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group – Coaching project managers

Marshall Aerospace have worked with Provek over many years and requested a bespoke nine-month coaching programme for a team of nine project managers in a newly created role.

The Challenge

An internal re-organisation created new roles and teams in project management.  This gave rise to an enhanced focus on certain behaviours for those within the new operations project manager role.  Provek was approached by the client to design and deliver a coaching programme to support the development of the group.

The Solution

The coaching programme involved group workshops, 1:1 coaching sessions and action learning sets (ALS).  Provek identified eight important behaviours initially with the key stakeholders and validated them with the group of project managers at a kick-off workshop.  Participants each selected two behaviours for their workplace actions and two ALS were formed of four and five members respectively.

Group workshops included inputs on behavioural topics, such as leadership and communications, by specialist consultants.  The 1:1 coaching sessions were held every six weeks and explored a participant’s workplace actions.  Action learning sets were first run by the consultants and then self-run by the members.  These provided an opportunity for shared learning and help across the members and the whole group.

The Benefits

Demonstrable progress was made by most of the group of project managers during the time of the coaching of programme.  Of particular importance was the view of the group that they were more self-aware, better at listening, more confident trying new things and more comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Support amongst the group for each other was also seen to be enhanced.

Participant feedback: "May I take the opportunity to just say a big thank you to you both for your time and dedication in helping to steer not only myself, but the whole team towards a brighter future. It is quite evident, that we all now have a clearer direction and closer bonding through our journey together." Ivan, Operations Project Manager.

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