APM Practitioner Qualification (PQ) Preparation

The APM Practitioner Qualification (PQ) is an assessment centre event designed to provide the individual with an international qualification that recognises their capability in project management. It is an intensive assessment process comprising group work, interviews and individual work for which candidates need to be fully prepared. Provek offers a range of preparation servies to ensure that candidates demonstrate their true capability on the event days. his assessment event is designed to provide the individual

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Who should attend:

Those candidates intending to sit the APM Practitioner Qualification within the next six months. Ideally, the preparation should be at least 4 weeks prior to the assessment event.

Dates and venues

Reading:  Nov 2 2017

Cumbria:  Oct 20 2017

2018: Jan 9, May 1, Sep 18

For in-house single client courses, please contact Provek to agree suitable dates


Public courses £275 + VAT (includes lunch & refreshments)

For in-house courses, which can be tailored if required, contact Provek to discuss price, dates and venue.

Course style:

Often conducted over a few hours, the coaching session will cover what the PQ is and what will be required of the candidate, and will then focus on tailored support around specific assessment criteria. A full understanding of the expected level of capability required will be demonstrated through use of the Provek project scenario materials.

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Further information

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APM Practitioner Qualification Preparation

Features of a Provek PQ preparation

  • Accredited Provider of more than 30 PQ events
  • Good track record of a range of preparation events for major organisations
  • Three highly experienced approved PQ Assessors employed by Provek
  • Proven project scenario materials with extensive model answers
  • Unique online PMA6 assessment to indicate PQ readiness and suitability, as well highlighting developmental areas

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Bring this course in-house.  For in-house delivery, most courses can also be tailored to an organisation’s specific needs.  For more information please contact Erica Gassor on 01635 524610.

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