APM Project Risk Management Level 1 Certificate (Blended)

Risk management is a distinct and specific area within APM’s Body of Knowledge and a key control function within any project or programme. APM offers Project Risk Certificates at Levels 1 and 2, which are designed for project and programme managers who are involved in project risk management at any level. This course is focused on enabling delegates to achieve a Level 1 Certificate and is designed to determine an individual’s knowledge of project risk management. Obtaining the Level 1 Certificate is sufficient for an individual to contribute effectively towards the formal process of project risk management.

This blended learning course option suits candidates who wish to minimize the time away from the work place as it requires only 1-day of tutor-led classroom time including the 1 hour exam.

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Who should attend: Project managers, work package leads, programme managers or key project staff involved in risk management.

8-10 hours directed self-study + 1-day classroom event


Start self-study at least 4 weeks prior to the classroom event. Classroom event: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. including exam starting at 4 p.m.


1 hour examination held at the end of the course starting at 4 p.m.              

Venues: For in-house single client courses this event is held at the client selected venue.

For in-house courses (which can be tailored if required) contact Provek to discuss price, dates and venue.

Course style:

This course is a blended learning solution comprising a period of individual participant remote structured learning followed by a 1 day classroom module which concludes with the 1 hour exam at the end of the day. 

Part 1: Individual remote learning (8 to 10 hours):

·          Structured engaging professional video modules on key risk management topics specific for this course and syllabus and exam preparation tips (via The PM Channel accessed via an internet connection and login provided)

·          Official APM PRAM Guidebook

·          Example Exam Questions and Answers

·          Provek Remote Expert Support (as required)


Part 2:    Classroom tutor-led 1-day module:

·          Quiz to refresh and test on individual remote learning

·          New topics and content not covered by remote learning period

·          1 hour APM Risk Level 1 exam at the end of the day.


The 1-day tutor-led classroom module is participative in nature utilising plenary presentation sessions, group discussions, individual and group exercises and examples. There will be an examination at the end of the day which will comprise 60 multiple choice type questions. Candidates are advised that they will need to produce photo identification prior to sitting the examination.


Ideally, a minimum of 6 months practical project experience and good basic project management skills and knowledge. Prepared to complete 8 to 10 hours self-study as part of a blended learning solution.

Pre-course study:

A vital component of this blended learning format, is the directed, structured and supported self-study period (c. 8 to 10 hours) using Provek’s engaging pack comprising video, exam tips, official APM PRAM Guide book and  practice exam question and answers. Delegates will have additional support from Provek’s remote expert tutor via email or telephone.

Course content: Click here to see full course brochure for this event.


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The PM Channel - Blended Learning

This blended learning solution uses Provek's learning and development channel for project professionals called The PM Channel.

Project risk management assessment

Provek's online project risk management assessment enables you to measure your knowledge of risk management and will identify your specific strengths and weaknesses.  For more details contact Erica Gassor on 01635 524610.

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