Risk Management Overview

Risk management is a critical control function within any project or programme. With the need to ensure that projects are brought under the organisation’s overall governance requirements, there is an increasing focus on the need to manage risks in a structured way.

This course provides an overview of the risk management process in a project environment and looks at the various tools and techniques that are needed to implement such a process.  The course is aligned with both the Association of Project Management’s (APM) Project Risk Analysis and Management Guide (PRAM) and the PRINCE2 methodology.


Who should attend:

Sponsors, senior managers, programme and project managers, work package leads and any key project staff involved in risk management.

Duration: Typically 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but can be varied to suit the audience.
Examination: None.
Venues: This event is held at the client selected venue.

Please contact Provek to discuss price, dates and venue.

Course style: The course is participative in nature utilising plenary presentation sessions, group discussions, individual and group exercises and examples.
Pre-requisites: Some hands-on experience and involvement with projects or programmes is required
Pre-course study: None required.
Course content: Click here to see full course brochure for this event.

Further information

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