Planning and Estimating on Projects

This 1-day event is designed to develop the skills that will help create realistic project plans and estimates that are fundamental for project success. The course covers all the essentials of converting the project objectives into workable plans supported by robust estimates.

The course will look at how a wide range of tools and techniques can be applied to various project situations to produce optimum results.

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Who should attend:

Project managers, Project planners, programme and project office staff, workpackage managers and anyone who has to plan and estimate in a project environment.

Duration: 1 day.
Timings: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Examination: None.

This event is held at the client selected venue.


Please contact Provek to discuss price, dates and venue.

Pre-requisites: Some hands-on experience and involvement with projects or programmes is required.
Pre-course study: These courses are highly participative using exercises, case studies and practical work.
Course content: Click here to see full course brochure for this event.

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Bring this course in-house.  For in-house delivery, most courses can also be tailored to an organisation’s specific needs.  For more information please contact Erica Gassor on 01635 524610.

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