PRINCE2® Professional Qualification

The PRINCE2 Professional qualification tests, through a 2.5 day residential Assessment Centre, a candidate’s ability to manage a non-complex PRINCE2 project across all aspects of the project lifecycle. In order to test this, the PRINCE2 Professional qualification moves outside the boundaries of the PRINCE2 method and syllabus, and includes globally recognized project management competencies. Through observation of group activities and exercises, evaluators assess a candidate against pre-defined performance criteria to determine competence in managing a PRINCE2 project, as well as broader competencies of a project manager. It must be stressed that this event is NOT a training course and no training will be given at the event itself. However, Provek will provide its unique structured preparation and support package to aid candidate readiness for the event.

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Who should attend:

The PRINCE2 Professional qualification is the next step for current PRINCE2 practitioners looking to further demonstrate their expertise in this globally recognized project management methodology. It is targeted at practising project professionals, who wish to demonstrate their ability, and not just their knowledge, to apply best practice project management principles and processes.. The PRINCE2 Professional qualification is therefore appropriate for individuals who are currently acting as Project Managers, Project Co-ordinators or as a Project Team Leader (in larger projects).  Suitable candidates will have several years experience of managing non-complex projects. Candidates wishing to take the PRINCE2 Professional assessment must also have passed the PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification.


 2.5 days

Timings: Timetable may vary depending on location. 

For public courses - Bournemouth/London

For in-house single client courses this event is held at the client selected venue.


Available at request. Contact Provek to arrange


Price subject to application


For in-house courses contact Provek to discuss price, dates and venue.

Course style:

This event is a continuous assessment centre and not a training course. The event comprises written and group exercises working on a real-to-life project progressing through a typical project lifecycle . The assessment takes place at a residential assessment centre, held over 2.5 days. All Candidates must arrive at the venue on the evening before the event to complete the introduction and first assessment session. Due to the intense nature of this continuously assessed event, including early evening assessment activities on days 1 and 2, we strongly recommend that candidates stay overnight at the centre for the duration of the event. Candidates will be assessed against 19 pre-declared assessment criteria and in three different ways:

  • Individual written work under examination conditions to questions based upon the given case study.
  • Group work (observed) – candidates will carry out group exercises in order to discuss and solve problems relating to the case study.
  • Interview – each candidate will be interviewed on an individual basis.

Candidates must have passed the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, have a solid PRINCE2 knowledge and several years of PRINCE2 practice. A self assessment form and a CV must be submitted as part of the application process.

Pre-course study:

Although this is an assessment of a candidate’s current capabilities, we believe each candidate should be prepared for the process and be aware of what is expected of them. With this in mind, Provek will provide a comprehensive preparation package consisting of a video showing candidates in a simulated session, a downloadable scenario with questions where submitted answers will be reviewed and feedback provided on an individual basis. In addition, candidates will have access to Provek’s Remote Expert Support which provides email or telephone responses to candidate queries and questions throughout the preparation period.

Course content: Click here to see full course brochure for this event.

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