Determining training needs

Measure the capability of your project professionals and identify their collective strengths and areas for development identified quickly

Our consultative approach through stakeholder interviews and leading online assessment tools will help your organisation to:

  • Focus your scarce training resources on the right topics and the right project professionals
  • Achieve higher success rates on qualification based courses (e.g. APM, PRINCE2® or PMI)  by directing your project professionals to the most appropriate level

Our approach

Having agreed the goal and scope of the training needs analysis with you, we first review the role profiles and other information of the project professionals.  Key stakeholder interviews will be conducted in parallel with the deployment of our leading online assessment tool PMA5.  Detailed analysis of the data will enable you to be informed on:

  • Collective strengths and weaknesses in programme and project management knowledge
  • Proposed training and development options with a schedule of recommended names of project professionals for each option
  • How your project professionals compare to others in industry and to industry standards

As a leading accredited training organisation we can also support your organisation in the design and delivery of training for programme and project professionals.

Case studies

Leading mobile telecommunications company pin-points training needs
Insurance company reviews training needs

Unique proven assessment tools

Our tools include a simple and extensively deployed competence framework and the comprehensive online assessment PMA6.


Further information

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