Development programmes for experienced or senior professionals

What is a Provek development programme?

It is a programme of interventions and support typically spanning 6 to 12 months targeted to develop one or more areas of project or programme management competence of a specific target audience. Typically, this may comprise any or all of the following within the programme according to the organisation and target audience needs:

  • Assessment centres and/or online assessment tools
  • External benchmarking of project or programme managers
  • Workshops and skill top-up modules (soft and hard skills)
  • Action learning groups
  • Directed self-study
  • Coaching and mentoring (internal or external)

Whilst Provek can draw upon a vast library of best-practice project and programme management experiences, tools and techniques, we are also experts at tailoring programmes to the individual needs of the audience and their organisation.

Who is the target audience?

Typically, these development programmes are aimed at groups or communities of professionals who are likely to have many years of hands-on project or programme experience and have managed multiple projects or programmes, but who may have only had very little formal training, coaching or exposure to industry wide best-practice project or programme management.

Benefits of a Provek development programme

The potential benefits from a Provek tailored development programme are as follows:

  • Meets the development needs of experienced professionals more effectively than attending generic project or programme management courses.
  • Encourages and supports self-development of project or programme managers.
    Contributes to, or indeed can initiate, the development of project or programme management community of practices.
  • Improve the ability to deliver your programmes or projects – increasing customer satisfaction, saving costs, utilising resources more effectively and positively impacting morale.
  • Enhances the delivery capabilities of professionals who might otherwise ‘stand still’.
    Increased likelihood of the learning being applied in the work place because of the programme tailored style, format and content aligned to the organisation and audience needs maximising engagement.

How do we make sure the programme meets your needs?

Firstly, a highly experienced Provek consultant will work with your organisation to understand what success from the programme will look like in terms of requirements, outcomes and outputs.

Secondly, we will design a tailored development programme to meet your needs. Our tailored development programmes include in-depth training and development needs analysis, followed by course or workshop module design tailored to your organisation’s specific circumstances and requirements. We can also integrate a wide range of qualification or certification options and also provide remote distance support, coaching or mentoring as appropriate to your needs.

Thirdly, we will lead and deliver the agreed programme using our experienced consultants to facilitate, train, support, advise, guide, coach or mentor according to the programme design.

Finally, we instigate evaluation of the development programme through the programme delegates and ideally also through a selection of their work place peers and managers for evidence of demonstrable change and against the initial agreed success criteria for the programme.

Examples of Provek development programmes

Below are two examples of development programmes tailored specifically for individual organisations.

Example 1 (below): Delegates were senior project managers with 10 to 20 years PPM experience.

Example 2 (below): Delegates were project managers of 4 to 10 years PPM experience.


Further Information

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