The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification for £219 including examination

The Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) is an introductory certificate in project management from anywhere in the world at anytime including the examination!

See live APM IC modules on The PM Channel now!

Get a fundamental awareness of project management terminology and contribute to project success with the on demand APM Project Fundamentals Qualification solution.
Take the course and exam anywhere at any time using the excellent training materials on The PM Channel and the new APM Project Fundamentals Qualification online exam.

The price of £219 + VAT represents fantastic value for money.  Candidates will have access to the full APM PFQ course materials for 12 months on The PM Channel.
Candidates will be able to complete the online examination by utilising remote live proctoring:

  • Candidates can choose time and place for exam (24/7, 360 days a year)
  • Secure delivery with locked browser, invigilated throughout and immediate indication of result
  • Verified exam result and electronic certificate within 3 working days

See live APM IC modules on The PM Channel now!

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APM PFQ explained

APM Introductory Certificate


Which methodology best suits your personal training or company development needs? Our consultants have supported clients in the selection, design and implementation of a project management methodology and framework most appropriate to their business needs. To read more about these two approaches click here.

APM IC exam readiness assessment

Are you ready to take the APM Introductory Certificate exam?  Why not use Provek's online assessment to see how you might do in the real exam.  To find out more about the APM IC assessment tool contact Erica Gassor on 01635 524610.