Effective Programme Management

This three day course will help new, aspiring or experienced Programme Managers to deliver specific change within their business that achieves strategically important benefits.  It will describe and discuss a framework based on the Office of Government Commerce’s (OGC’s) Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) for implementing large-scale change that enables the business to accept and adopt change readily.

Whilst this course does not include MSP examinations, it is also an excellent foundation for delegates who wish to consider MSP qualifications in the future.

Who should attend:

Programme managers, aspiring programme managers and senior project managers who need to develop and manage programmes.

Duration: 3 days.
Timings: Typically 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day
Examination: No examination.
Venues: For in-house single client courses this event is held at the client selected venue.
Dates: For in-house single client courses, please contact Provek to agree suitable dates.

For in-house courses, which can be tailored if required, contact Provek to discuss price, dates and venue.

Course style: The course will comprise short inputs by the tutor, group discussion  and small group working. Part of the course will be a practical case study  based on an actual programme.
Pre-requisites: Ideally a minimum of 1 to 2 years experience in a project environment as a senior manager, project manager, project/team leader or end-user.
Pre-course study: Experience of managing a significant project or a collection of related projects. Preferably at least 2 years experience in a project environment.
Course content: Click here to see full course brochure for this event.

Further information

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