Assessment process

The assessment process by peer assessors comprises two stages. Provek can support you and your colleagues through both stages with unique expertise and tools.

Stage 1: Written submission: (c. 50 hours to prepare)

Applicants are required to provide a written submission including:

  • a record of employment history;
  • an overview of at least two projects, programmes or portfolios to be used as evidence, likely to have been within the last seven years;
  • answers to five sets of questions relating to the projects, programmes or portfolios. These will cover both practical competence and breadth of knowledge. Holders of PPQ or PQ will answer the practical competence questions only;
  • a record of 35 hours continuing professional development (CPD) from the previous 12 months;
  • details of two referees.

If successful, the candidate will be invited to an Interview (Stage 2). If unsuccessful, you will receive a report with feedback confirming gaps you need to consider.

Stage 2: Interview

An interview lasting up to one hour focusing on validating and exploring the evidence submitted in the written submission.

What is required to maintain RPP designation status?

To maintain the RPP designation anindividual is required to maintain continuing professional development (CPD) of at least 35 hours of relevant formal and informal professional development every year and to adhere to the APM Code of Professional Conduct through APM membership.

As a committed project management professional, each individual is responsible for their own CPD activities in terms of both forming a plan and then maintaining a log completed CPD.   APM will audit CPD at their discretion.