Eight questions to ask

You might have been doing project management for a long time, but is your experience right for Registered Project Professional?  Find out by answering these eight questions.

If the answer to any question is No, then you should probably not proceed as success could be unlikely.

  1. In the past seven years, have I been responsible for managing at least two complex projects?
  2. For these projects, can I provide reasonable evidence of a wide range of complex situations that will demonstrate overall project complexity?
  3. For these projects, have I undertaken a leadership position where I have managed the input of a wide variety stakeholders, not just direct reports?
  4. For these projects, can I provide reasonable evidence of executing a wide range of project competences in a complex project environment?
  5. Can I provide reasonable evidence of managing the input of others to ensure effective execution of these individual competences?
  6. In the last 12 months, have I undertaken at least 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development, relevant to my project management career?
  7. Can I devote the necessary amount of time in the next 4-8 weeks to prepare my own portfolio?
  8. Can I provide two, senior, informed referees who will be able to confirm my leadership role in managing at least one complex project in the past 8 years?

Further information

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