High stakes assessments

High stakes assessments mean deploying techniques which will eventually have an influence over the career development options in the widest sense of project management staff. 

We work with you to confirm your objectives and agree the best approach for the number of project staff involved and the depth of assessment necessary.  Our well proven approach aims to support your organisation in answering capability and capacity questions regarding your project management staff, such as:

  • What are the levels of capability of our project managers?
  • Are these sufficient in quality and quantity to meet our projects needs?

Our approach

Provek is able to assess the capability of your project management staff against international benchmarked standards and compare it to the needs of your projects.  This is achieved through the deployment of two or more assessment techniques, an analysis of the organisation's project landscape, and the analysis and reporting of the results, including their benchmarking against the International Project Management Association's (IPMA) four levels of project manager.

We have used the following assessment techniques in high stakes assessments:

In addition, we have developed an approach for capturing the project landscape of an organisation, i.e. the key dimensions of the existing and upcoming projects.

Case studies

 Choosing the best project managers





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