Assessment for project management recruitment

Take better informed decisions and improve the rigour and confidence in your project management recruitment process by utilising Provek’s proven online and consultant scored project management assessments. 

The problem

Busy HR professionals and business managers want confidence in the candidates selected for interview.  Time can be wasted interviewing candidates who do not meet the right levels of knowledge, experience and skills in project management.  Or worse still, appointments might be made only to find later that a key competence is lacking.

The solution

Provek’s online PMA6 and consultant scored CV assessments are used to filter candidates for a range of project management roles either pre or post first interview stage.  Internationally benchmarked to recognised standards, these robust, credible and extensively proven assessments, give recruitment managers and administrators, simple and clear reports on project management knowledge, experience and skills.

Benefits to the organisation

  • Increased confidence in quality of project management candidates going to interview
  • Better recruitment outcomes and hence improved return on costs of recruitment
  • Simple to implement within your recruitment process with quick turnaround of reports

Benefits to the your candidates

  • Demonstrates a robust professional approach to project management assessment within your company
  • Gives each candidate a five page personal report with areas for development

Track record

More than 30 blue chip organisations have used Provek’s online assessment tools. Over 10,000 project professionals have been assessed to-date.

Service packages and prices

Provek’s online and consultant scored assessments are available through three service packages.

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Further Information

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consultation 3

Assessing the competent project manager

How to assess project management competence is explored and an approach is presented that aligns project professionals to standard internationally recognised levels as well as benchmarking an organisation’s population of project professionals to those in the rest of industry

Assessment success stories

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