Provek's project management competence framework

A highly accessible framework with industry benchmarks against eleven project roles and aligned with the refreshed APM Competence Framework.

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Provek’s programme and project management competence framework is simple, comprehensive and has been completed by 1000’s of project professionals. 

Benefits to your organisation

  • Aligned with the refreshed APM Competence Framework
  • More structured and perceptive training needs analysis
  • Rigorous and efficient selection of candidates
  • Target individual and collective benchmarked weaknesses

The framework elements

  • Definitions - overview on definitions in which the key terms are defined.
  • Competence matrix - short descriptions of the broad expected level of competence at five levels for each of the sixteen areas. 
  • Roles summary - a brief overview of each principal role and an indication of the typical average level of competence across all sixteen areas expected for that role.
  • Role descriptions - detail on some of the important roles including main accountabilities, person specification and essential minimum levels of key competence areas. 


Provek’s competence framework is used by our clients in benchmarking assignments, determining training needs, and selecting staff.  The framework is also deployed through our unique tools, such as PMA6 and Scored CV.


Download your copy now

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