Portfolio of evidence

An individual portfolio of evidence is an offline written submission by a candidate of their overall project experience and their specific project and programme management competences.

The levels of complexity will be evidenced across typically three projects by a candidate at the beginning of their portfolio. Then detailed evidence will be described for between 10 and 20 project and programme management competences aligned to the APM Competence Framework.

A portfolio of evidence will be assessed and marked by an expert consultant and an individual rating for each competency will be awarded. An overall rating will also be derived. The ratings are dependant on the depth of complexity, the depth of the projects and the breadth of practice of the elements or indications of each competence.

Feedback can also be structured in terms of evidence given and aspects not covered. An example extract from this type of report is shown below.   Provek consultants have extensive experience of assessing portfolios of evidence as Assessors for the APM Registered Project Professional designation.

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Competence framework

A highly accessible framework with industry benchmarks against eleven project roles and aligned with the refreshed APM Competence Framework. Provek's programme and project management competence framework is simple, comprehensive and has been completed by 1000's of project professionals.  More details ...

Competence profiler

Provek's Competence Profiler based on the APM Competence Framework. This tool provides you with the ability to assess yourself simply across some or all of the APM competences. It provides you with a short summary description of each competence derived from the APM's Body of Knowledge definition and the APM Competence Framework coupled with a novel scoring method. More details ...

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