Change Management Assessment

Provek’s new change management assessment builds on the structure and experience of PMA6 which is the leading online project management assessment tool undertaken by more than 10,000 project professionals.

Developed in partnership with John Lewis Partnership and Agile Change Management, the change management assessment profiles experience, knowledge, situational decision making and personality.  Each participant receives a four-page personalised report.

Benefits of using change management assessment

  • Training needs analysis - Right people on the right training and development at the right time
  • Capability planning - Right pool of project management talent to match your projects’ needs
  • Selection and recruitment - Best candidates identified and those with potential identified for fast tracking

Assessment content

The new change management assessment has five sections of questions which take approximately 45 minutes to complete:

  1. Your details
  2. Your competence based experience
  3. Your knowledge
  4. Your situational decision making ability
  5. Your personality

A competence framework was created for the experience section drawn from the Change Management Practitioner Competencies of the Change Management Institute.  16 competences at six levels have been developed.

Participant report

Each participant receives a personalised four-page report on completion of their assessment.  Over time, these reports will include comparisons to the industry benchmark for the change management role selected within the competence framework.

Management summary report

The sponsoring organisation receives a detailed management summary report in presentation format.   This analyses the participant’s aggregate results and identifies key findings and makes recommendations for training and development.

Additional 360 feedback option

A 360 feedback option is now available for the Provek change management assessment.  Up to four reviewers can be invited to rate and comment on each participant.  For each of 16 change management competences, e.g. workshop facilitation, change frameworks, building alliances etc., the reviewer is asked three questions:

  1. Participant’s competence level on a scale of zero to five or not able to rate 
  2. Evidence observed in the form of comments about the participant’s competence
  3. Priority for the participant’s development in the competence (low, medium, high or not able to rate)

 Participant 360 feedback report

Scores on a participant from each of their reviewers together with comments on evidence observed and development priority are collated and reported for each of the 16 competences.  Colour coding shows differences between self and reviewer scores.

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