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Provek is looking for accomplished individuals with project/programme management experience who are able to teach, coach & mentor, monitor and support our learners through their 13-month apprenticeship, typically within cohorts of 12+.

Role summary

Provek is currently the second largest training provider of the Level 4 Associate Project Manager apprenticeship. Since 2018 we have enrolled over 500 learners and are proud of our 99% success rate, with 252 learners successfully completing to date and over 80% achieving merits and distinctions.

As well as delivering our programme to many leading organisations, Provek were recently selected as the sole provider for the Level 4 Associate Project Manager apprenticeship for the NHS Project Futures Initiative, to support 250 NHS trusts across the UK in upskilling their project management capability.

To support our continuing growth, we are looking for accomplished individuals with project/programme management experience who are able to teach, coach & mentor, monitor and support our learners through their programme, typically cohorts of 12+.

The individual must be professional, articulate, highly organised, possess meticulous attention to detail, excellent written skills and have an aspiration to be a great all-round trainer, particularly as apprenticeships are regulated training that are subject to Ofsted inspections.

Provek prides itself on the quality of service we provide to an extensive portfolio of high-profile clients. We also pride ourselves on a culture staff well-being, happiness and job satisfaction. If you think you possess the skills, we are looking for this could be a highly rewarding opportunity.

Role responsibilities

Manage a caseload of participant project managers, tutoring, supporting and equipping them to become better project managers.

Liaise with the client organisation’s subject matter experts to enable the content to be contextualised.

Deliver 9 one-day workshops:

  • 7 to introduce the overall learning process, unit content
  • 1 to prepare for end point assessment and
  • 1 to prepare for the APM’s Project Management Qualification (PMQ) exam

Take our theoretical course content and interpret it for each participant project manager that you are supporting through one-to-one development sessions.

Support participants’ development through review of learning assignments

Prepare participants for the PMQ, including scored answer feedback and exam preparation workshops.

Support your caseload of participants to complete all the Provek training material and assessment tasks in a timely manner.


The 9 days of workshops will be scheduled in liaison with you and in advance of the programme launch date.

You will schedule the one-to-one sessions directly with each of the participants, sufficiently in advance to suit your own and the participants’ requirements.

Performance measures

Maintain participants’ satisfaction ratings, measured monthly.

Achieving Bud (learning management system) milestones for each participant to be building a compliant portfolio of evidence based on completing the Provek assignment templates.

Remuneration package

Remuneration package is competitive and based on working with a cohort of participants over the 13-month programme. The scope of work, comprises the attendance at, or delivery of:

  • Your induction to the programme, to the employer and to their PM methodology, and for training and review meetings with Provek over the 13 months.
  • 9 one-day workshops (agenda and slides provided) for up to 20 participants (content will also be available on Bud LMS for those unable to attend).
  • 11 one-to-one sessions lasting one hour to each participant with post-session recordkeeping, usually by Zoom or MS Teams (typically 5 one-to-one sessions per day).
  • Three or four of the above one-to-one sessions will be extended slightly to include a three-way review meeting at the start with the participant’s line manager.
  • Time for preparation, marking PMQ questions, reviewing and feedback on assignments/portfolios, administration and management activities.

To discuss further

Please send your CV with a covering letter of why you would be a great fit for this role to

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