PMA360 project management assessment

Assessment with 360 feedback

Provek’s PMA360 extends the leading on-line project management assessment tool, PMA6, to include competence ratings, comments on performance and development priorities about a participant by reviewers.

The participant receives their standard five-page PMA6 report based on the results of their own assessment and a nine-page 360 feedback report.

Benefits of PMA360

The benefits to a participant include structured and objective feedback by a range of colleagues on performance and development priorities. This helps to foster an open and supportive development culture within a project management community.

The benefits to the organisation include validated assessment of competence and key areas for development both individually and collectively.

The PMA360 process

Assessments are completed by a participant and by at least one reviewer, preferably up to four. The participant PMA360 takes up to 90 minutes to complete and the reviewer PMA360 takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

For each of 16 project management competence areas, e.g. business case, leadership, risk management etc., the reviewer is asked three questions:

1) Participant’s competence level on a scale of zero to five or not able to rate

2) Evidence observed in the form of comments about the participant’s competence

3) Priority for the participant’s development in the competence (low, medium, high or not able to rate)


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Participant PMA6 report

A participant receives a standard PMA6 five-page participant report on their detailed benchmarked assessment results giving areas for development and an overall IPMA Level D to A rating.

Participant PMA360 report


Scores on a participant from each of their reviewers together with comments on evidence observed and development priority are collated and reported for each of the 16 competences. Colour coding shows differences between self and reviewer scores.

Management summary report

The sponsoring organisation receives a detailed management summary report in presentation format. This analyses the participant’s aggregate results across the eleven project roles (e.g. project team members, project planners, senior project managers etc.) and identifies key findings and makes recommendations for training and development.

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