APM course dates

APM PMQ (Blended)

Duration: 3 day    Venue: Best Western Reading Moat House

2017:  Nov 22-24

2018: Jan 31- Feb 2, Mar 21-23, May 23-25, Jul 11-13, Sep 26-28, Nov 21-23

Online APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)

Exams held in Reading:

2017: Oct 17

2018: Jan 30, Mar 20, May 22, Jul 10, Sep 25, Nov 20


APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)

Duration: 5 days  Venue:  Best Western Reading Moat House 

2017:  Nov 20-24

2018: Jan 29- Feb 2, Mar 19-23, May 21-25, Jul 9-13, Sep 24-28, Nov 19-23

APM PMQ Exam Preparation Workshop (1-day)

Duration: 1 day
For in-house single client courses, please contact Provek to agree suitable dates.

APM Practitioner Qualification (PQ) Preparation

Duration: 1 day  

Reading:    2017: Nov 2

Cumbria:  Oct 20

2018: Jan 9, May 1, Sep 18

For in-house single client courses, please contact Provek to agree suitable dates

APM PMQ (Online)

Exam Venue:  Reading Best Western 

2017:  Nov 24

2018:  Feb 2, Mar 23, May 25, Jul 13, Sep 28, Nov 23

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Guide to project management qualifications

What different project management qualifications and certifications exist?  Which is the most appropriate for your organisation or just for you as an individual?  See our guide to project management qualifications to answer these questions.

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