Choosing the right project management assessment techniques

There are many reasons as to why an organisation may want to assess project managers. Whatever the need, the right choice of techniques is crucial to ensure acceptance by the candidates, sufficient robustness of the outputs for the intended purpose, cost effectiveness, and key stakeholder buy-in. Provek has extensive experience of matching its comprehensive range of project management assessment to the assessment need of clients.

Clients have different reasons for wanting to undertake an assessment of their project managers. These include:

  • Identifying the right training and development solutions for the right project managers
  • Determining the overall capability of project managers so that it can be aligned more closely to the current and forecast project volumes and complexities
  • Selecting and recruiting project managers from both internal and external candidates

Choosing the right combination of project management assessment techniques is vital to achieving the best solution at the right level of risk and cost. Provek enable the right choice to be made with the provision of our comprehensive range of project management assessment techniques. These techniques include:

The table below shows how the different solutions require different techniques:

Provek has an extensive track record of deploying these techniques for its clients. Examples include:

Waitrose: Multi-assessment of programme and project managers

Steria: Capability planning - assessing the best project managers from 250 using PMA6, Scored CV and bespoke assessment centre techniques

MOD:  Selection - accrediting project managers using bespoke PMA6 and Scored CV techniques

Integrate solution outputs
All of Provek's project management assessment techniques generate a single rating on the scale of A to D. This is benchmarked to the IPMA's ratings scale for project managers. An A rating is project director level, B level is senior project manager, C is project manager and D is work manager level.
The table below shows the combination of three of Provek's project management assessment techniques to give an overall rating. N.B, assessed was PMA5 (now PMA6), Scored CV and Assessment Centre.  



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